Virtuosos V4 + We play the same language – competition rules

Virtuosos V4+ - We play the same language - Rules of Contest

Application requirements:

1. Contestants may enter the contest only with solo productions.You can enter the contest with an optional piece composed by a classical composer.

2. The length of the piece should be minimum 2, maximum 5 minutes long.

Tip: applicants should choose pieces that represent their technical skills and musical sensitivity.

3. List of approved instruments:

– plucked string and keyboard instruments: piano, cembalo, harp, accordion, guitar
– bowed string instruments: violin, viola, cello, contrabass
– woodwind instruments: recorder, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone
– brass instruments: trumpet, trombone, tuba, baritone horn, French horn
– percussion instruments: xylophone, marimba, cimbalom

4. Contestants may be between 6 and 19 years of age (not reaching their 20th birthday on the day of the casting filming.).

5. Contestants of previous Virtuosos seasons may also apply, if they are still within the age range.


You can apply at the site, with parental consent for contestants under 18. After filling in the questionnaire, the contestant is required to upload a video of the piece of music selected by him/her and a few sentences long presentation. (The following questions should be briefly replied to in the presentation: Why is classical music important to the applicant? Why would you like to take part in the Virtuoso contest?)

The video is a must! Applicants may use the recordings of their previous performances, but these may not be older than 6 months.

The image and, especially, the audio quality of the video uploaded by the applicant must be of best possible quality so that the production can be assessed.

If you cannot register online, call the Virtuosos mobile phone number. Our colleagues will call you back as soon as possible.

Our phone number: +36 203996636



Phone number:

Email address:

Home address:

Which school do you attend?

Since when have you been playing music?

Which instrument or instruments do you play? What is your voice type if you are singer?

Do you have a musician in your family?

What is your hobby?

The selection process:

  1. Talents may apply on the Virtuosos website Our colleagues will call only those applicants, who have a chance to get in the in-person “open casting” of Virtuosos based on their introduction videos.
  2. The open casting, or prior individual presentations, will be after the application time is closed. This will be managed by a judging panel of TV producers and professionals qualified in classical music. This casting will be video and audio-recorded.
  3. The structure of the international show following the casting, as well as the guest country is under discussions and will be updated in due course.

Countries participating in the contest:


Czech Republic




Classical musicians may apply to the contest if they live in one (or more) of the above countries.


The show will have a winner in each country.

The winners of Virtuosos will each be awarded with 10.000 Euros gross, have the chance to perform with an international artist, and a disc-recording in the 3 years following the show.

The “Virtuosos V4+ – We play the same language” classical music talent show will be aired on the Duna channel and the designated TV channels of the participating countries in the end of 2021.

Silicon Valley of Arts Ltd., Virtuosos Holding Ltd. and the Hungarian Branch Office of Virtuosos Holding Ltd., as producers, reserve the right to change this Rules of Contest and the prizes.

The Privacy Policy is available on the online application site.